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In August 2017, Marijn joined our team at the Yoga Festival Haarlem. In the last six weeks prior to the festival, she has managed the communication, PR and the production. It is remarkable how easily Marijn fitted in the team and how quickly she adopted our vision and our way of working. In addition, she had a clear, personal and creative input and took initiatives herself. She has made a great contribution to the festival in a short time. Not only with her organization talent, but also with her humor and decisiveness, she has helped realizing the festival in a positive and uplifting way. Thank you Marijn! Rianne van Huijstee

Organiser Yoga Festival Haarlem

Marijn is managing our communication activities such as coordinating the agenda, the newsletter, creating social media input and marketing activities to enlarge our target group.

She is a real communication expert when it comes to strategizing our short and long-term activities, into practical steps that support the vision of the Yoga studio.

She has a lot of enthusiasm and energy and with her proactive approach, she is a great communication partner to work with. Anita Tamming

Founder & Owner Yoga Innerwork